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Application scenarios and usage methods of mobile boarding bridges

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The mobile boarding bridge for loading and unloading is a very easy to see structure in the modern logistics scene. It is the starting point and end point of an enterprise's logistics chain, and a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and revolve products and goods. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but the height of the carriages to and from the transport carriage is different, and a certain height difference or gap is always formed between the transport vehicle and the loading and unloading platform. As a result, the handling forklift cannot enter and exit the transportation vehicle to directly load and unload the goods. Use the boarding bridge to provide a reliable connection. Enables the handling forklift to quickly enter and exit the transport vehicle for loading and unloading operations.

mobile boarding bridges

Operation method of loading and unloading mobile boarding bridge:

Press and move the handle to raise the mobile docking bridge to the floor of the carriage, the vehicle is in place, loosen the oil return valve, the docking bridge is lowered, so that the lip plate is stably erected at the rear of the vehicle, and is firmly fixed with a chain Mobile boarding bridge and vehicles. At this point, the hydraulic system is not under force and the operation can begin. After the operation is completed, loosen the fixed chain and press the handle to lift the boarding bridge, move the vehicle away from the boarding bridge to reset, and then lift the rear of the boarding bridge and hang it on the vehicle to move.

Loading and unloading mobile boarding bridge application

It is used in places where there is no loading and unloading platform on site or where mobile loading and unloading of goods is required. If there is no loading and unloading platform at the logistics site, as a remedial measure, a mobile docking bridge is one of the most suitable solutions. The mobile docking bridge is equivalent to a mobile steel knot ramp, and the forklift can also directly drive into the truck compartment for batch Loading and unloading operations. Only one person is required to operate, and no power supply is needed to realize fast loading and unloading of goods.

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