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Maintenance items for scissor lift platform

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1. Before working on the scissor lift platform, be sure to carefully read the relevant chapters of the article's instructions for use, and strictly implement the safety operating procedures before you can work.

2. The staff who have not been trained are not allowed to carry out maintenance work. If you have any questions about the whole process of work, please contact the manufacturer immediately.

3. Maintenance operations are not allowed when the program is running.

4. Before maintenance, the moving components of the scissor lift platform should be supported and stabilized with appropriate objects to prevent the components from falling suddenly and causing safety accidents.

5. Before disassembling the parts in the oil circuit, turn off the starter and make sure that the pressure in the pipeline has been released.

6. The hydraulic oil should be changed every 1000h, but it should be changed immediately after the hydraulic oil is changed during operation.

7. Check the welded joints of the scissor lift platform, especially the key parts such as the work platform, boom, turntable, and tie rods, for cracks and desoldering. If so, use it immediately and notify the manufacturer to repair it. When the data, electrical level model specifications, and welding methods are unknown, welding and maintenance are not allowed to avoid welding defects and potential safety accidents. The above are the precautions when maintaining the scissor lift platform. We pay attention to the above points during maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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Service Hotline


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