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What are the applications of fixed and mobile docking bridges?

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Fixed boarding bridge/mobile boarding bridge is now a relatively common loading and unloading tool in the field of logistics transportation loading and unloading. Speaking of loading and unloading tools, although there are many kinds of tools, such as car tail plates, stackers, etc., fixed type The loading and unloading function of hydraulic docking bridges cannot be replaced by these types of equipment. Fixed docking bridges have successfully embarked on a high-tech road. In particular, some fixed docking bridge companies have appeared to provide customers with free logistics solutions. The added value of fixed/mobile boarding bridges has been increased. The boarding bridges have rapidly developed into large-scale logistics supporting equipment with a large sales volume. Since the production enterprises are relatively professional, standing at the height of the overall logistics equipment planning, customer satisfaction is obvious increased.

The fixed boarding bridge is also called the height adjustment board, which is widely used in docks, airports, warehouses, cargo platforms and other places, and is a special equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods in fixed occasions. Among them, the handling of high-frequency, large-volume, and overweight cargo is difficult to replace with other tools. Some modern large-scale factories and warehouses under construction generally have fixed cargo platforms designed to be higher than the ground. There is a certain height difference between the ground and the cargo platform, which prevents the handling vehicles from entering the carriages. It can be manually loaded and unloaded. The fixed hydraulic docking bridge is designed and manufactured for this special situation. With its function of freely adjusting the height, it can smoothly link the cargo platform and the carriages of different heights to enable various handling The vehicle can quickly enter the carriage without hindrance for loading and unloading operations.

At this stage, the world economy is developing rapidly and competition in various industries is intensifying. Manufacturing companies and trading companies have begun to provide quality services. The machinery industry pays more attention to after-sales service. Because machinery is the basic equipment for enterprise development, failures will cause great damage to the company. The after-sales service can quickly provide customers with professional fixed/mobile boarding bridge troubleshooting and maintenance services, which fundamentally improves the customer’s experience.

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