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What are the main advantages of the scissor fixed lifting platform?

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Scissor-type fixed lifting platform is a kind of transportation and loading equipment that transports goods from one height to another. After the operation is completed, the platform is level with the ground and does not occupy ground space and does not affect passage.

Uses: Scissor-type fixed lifting platform is mostly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line, the material on and off the line, the adjustment of the working height during the assembly of the workpiece, the feeding of the loading machine at high places, the lifting of parts during the assembly of large equipment, the storage and loading and unloading places Forklifts and other handling vehicles are used in places such as fast loading and unloading of goods, car lifting, and fixed three-dimensional parking.

Superior performance: Equipped with a safety device to prevent overloading of the lifting platform; equipped with a protection valve to prevent the hydraulic oil pipe from rupturing; equipped with an emergency lowering device for sudden power failure; the upper and lower floors are equipped with a safety device that interlocks with the control system.

Safety performance: The lifting structure is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular pipes, and the scissor-type mechanical mechanism is easy to maintain, has strong stability and high load-bearing capacity. The maximum lifting height is about 10 meters, and the maximum load is about 10 tons. goods.

Low cost: The cost is much lower than that of the scissor type mobile lifting platform. Therefore, when choosing a lifting platform, consider the use range of the lifting platform, the frequency of work, the load and other factors to choose the lifting platform that suits the work requirements .

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